What Was The Last…?

Get your fix of wellness and things that inspire us.

Aussie It-Girl Heidi Middleton on her lasts (think book, laugh, song, party, holiday….)

Book you read:The Patience Stone by the French-Afghan writer
Atiq Rahimi.

Thing that made you cry:Seeing Ayanna Pressley and learning that she would be the first ever black woman to represent the State in Congress in America.

Gift you gave:One of my paintings to a good friend.

Account you followed on Instagram:@stscsustainabletextiles for beautiful sustainable eco fabrics like peace silks and recycled cotton.

Image @stscsustainabletextiles

Song you played on rotation:Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

Meal you cooked:Salmon & Dill Pasta.

Holiday you took:South West France.

Holidaying in France via @bidemiddleton

Thing that made you laugh:My daughters doing a dance-off before school this morning.

Piece of good advice you received:Choose Love.

Party you attended:Last Saturday night on the northern beaches with my besties.

Beauty product you finished:Aesop Protective Body Lotion.