Daily bites – Susie Stenmark reveals her day in food to Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD.

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Daily bites – Susie Stenmark reveals her day in food to Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD.
Susie Stenmark, jewellery designer, Sydney.  

Sydney jewellery designer Susie Stenmark talks daily diet, not snacking and good coffee with Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD.

On waking: I am devoted to lemon juice in warm water on rising.

Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD. (DL): Lemon and water is a great way to break your fast as you have been fasting through the night.

Breakfast: I add a teaspoon each of chia seed, maca powder and cacao powder to plain organic muesli with full fat milk and yogurt, and whatever berries are in season. I am boringly fussy about my coffee and prefer to make my own: a very strong French press with pouring cream. I only have one coffee a day so I like to make it a good one. 

DL: Be careful having caffeine at the same time as your breakfast. It can block key nutrients from being absorbed. Maybe you could take your coffee to work with you instead to give you a 1 hour gap between your coffee and breakfast? Make sure your dairy is organic to avoid hormones and pesticides. 

Image: Jamie Oliver

Mid-morning snack:  I don’t eat between meals. 

DL: 500ml of filtered water here would be great.

Lunch:  If I’m going to be eating at home for the evening, I’ll eat a small lunch of an orange, an apple and a golden kiwi fruit, or maybe some peanut butter on corn thins. If lunch is to be the main meal, I will eat it late and fill my plate with asparagus, broccollini, grilled zucchini, or a salad of mint, cabbage and ginger, with a handful of spinach, a lemon juice and olive oil dressing and some tuna or feta cheese. 

DL: Great! Try and avoid corn thins - the corn industry has been ruined by GM. Maybe swap them out for a rice cracker. Also peanut butter can feed candida, so almond or cashew butter would be better. 

Afternoon snack: I’m not a snacker. I’d prefer to wait to eat a proper meal, even if I’m hungry.

DL: Water or herbal tea here would be good, which you probably do.

Dinner: A cherry tomato, chick pea and rocket salad with organic lemon thyme and oregano from my garden. I try for high-quality protein at least five nights a week. Maybe a small steak, poached chicken or fish, with a pile of greens and vegetables. I don’t drinnk alcohol Monday to Friday, but on Friday night I’ll have a handful of nuts with a glass of wine.

DL: Great! Lots of vegetables and salad and good high quality protein. Wine is no problem.  Red wine is best because it is high in antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Nuts are good, just try to avoid peanuts. 

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Before bed: I don’t eat within two or three hours of bedtime. 

DL:  Good lifestyle choice. It gives your digestive system a chance to detox through the night.