Super-Dooper Chocolate Nice-Creams

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These yummy (and sshh... healthy) SUPER-DOOPER CHOCOLATE NICE-CREAMS are super-easy to make, taste delicious and are packed with nutrients for growing bodies.

Created by@sian_redgrave

2 scoops of The Super Kids Elixir + Protein

1 banana

2 teaspoons maca powder

4 fresh pitted dates

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1½ cups almond milk

½ cup coconut cream

Pinch pink Himalayan salt

100g dark chocolate, melted

1/3 cup roasted almonds, chopped roughly

In a blender, blitz together  The Super Kids Elixir + Protein, banana, maca powder, dates, vanilla, salt and almond milk until smooth and combined.

Pour into 12 popsicle moulds and allow to freeze in the freezer over night. 

Once the ice-creams have set, melt the chocolate and allow to cool. Working quickly, remove the ice-creams from their moulds and dip one-by-one into the chocolate and then in the chopped almonds.

Place on a tray covered with baking paper and place back into the freezer to set. 



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