Couple Meditation

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Image: Live Love Fruit


“Meditating together can be nice because you are less likely to fidget or open your eyes,” says Heather. “You kind of hold each other accountable for holding still for the duration of the mediation. It also reiterates that your relationship encourages both of you to have self-reflection, quiet time and supports each one of you taking personal responsibility for your personal state of mind on a regular basis.”


“The room should be dark, smell good, have the least amount of clutter possible, no drafts, and feel cosy but spacious at the same time. There is something nice about meditating in a contained area where distractions are minimal. And it should also feel uplifting. Not so dark that you just want to fall asleep - so a few images or paraphernalia that reminds both of you of good energy and something inspiration, but not cheesy. You don’t have to have Buddha and candles if that is not what you resonate with.”


“Try this grounding mediation. It is designed to develop our ability to listen, accept what is, observe it all at some level of neutrality, and respond to whatever arises with stillness so it has a chance to show us something about ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our hearts that we haven’t seen before.”

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