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Join Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Co-Founder of Yoga for Bad People, Heather Lilleston, for guided meditations to help you relax and rejuvenate on our #SuperElixirChallenge.

Week 4

Your Chance to Imagine & Play Impractically with your Future

Designed to open your creativity and visual imagination up without the constrains of your practical realism (which you may just realize isn’t necessarily based in reality after all). A meditation which removes the normal limitations we put on ourselves about who we are, whats possible to experience or achieve in this life, and a chance to reimagine a new way of being using exactly what you already have.

Week 3

Developing Intelligent Appreciation for Whatever Arises (even if it sucks!)

Not your typical gratitude meditation, a meditation designed to get the gold from any of our inner disturbances or mental afflictions but allowing them to have their moment to be felt, and then letting them carry on and transform into something else. 

Week 2

Seeing What You Couldn’t See Before - Body Scan Meditation

Designed to look at crucial points in the body and their current status (recognizing that these points also relate to emotions we need to process) and to label what those areas are feeling/expressing most obviously to us. Using meditation as a time to look at what we don’t normally have time to look at and then using that information to make clearer decisions throughout our day.

Week 1

Getting Still Amongst the Inner Movement - Grounding Meditation

Designed to develop our ability to listen, accept what is, observe it all some level of neutrality and respond to whatever arises with stillness so it has a chance to show us something about ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our hearts that we haven’t seen before.


Hi this is Heather Lilleston from Yoga For Bad People here to take you through a series of meditations to kick start your year. The most important thing with a meditation practice is to be consistent. It is better to do consistent short bad meditations than random long good meditations. Bad meaning your mind is wandering you feel distracted or you feel uncomfortable during the practice.

So I am encouraging you to focus on quantity over quality. The consistency is what actually develops a quality meditation.

There are four separate meditations to take you through the first four weeks.

Practice them at least 5 times a week at the same time every day. Be disciplined. You don't know the benefit of discipline until you do it. So why not try it out. Let’s begin.