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Sea-faring people in Eastern and Northern Europe have cooked with it for centuries. Many countries outside Scandinavia have long recognised its great potential, in particular Asian culture who have traditionally added it their dishes for centuries for its nutritional superpowers.

Icelandic Seaweed, or ‘kale of the sea’, grows in the pure, unpolluted, nutrient-rich seawaters and fjords of Iceland.Fed by the chilly waters of the north Atlantic, it absorbs valuable nutrients from its surrounding saltwater marine environment.

Containing a bioavailable source of calcium it supports bone density and maintains strong healthy bones, joints, cartilage and muscles. When combined with vitamin D, it helps support teeth mineralisation and maintains healthy teeth. Vitamin D also assists intestinal absorption of calcium and helps maintain healthy, strong bones.

Given its efficacy, Icelandic Seaweed is a key active ingredient in WelleCo Bone Strength + Joint Health SUPER BOOSTERS. A plant-based formula it helps to support joint health, bone strength, calcium absorption and relieves symptoms of mild arthritis and mild osteoarthritis.

For targeted bone strength and joint health, take 1 vial with water daily or boost your SUPER ELIXIR and water, stirring well until dissolved.

Healthy joints, stronger bones and improved muscle function? Flex and thank us later.