Mind Tricks

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Mind Tricks

Fifteen swift resets for optimised states.


There’s perhaps nothing better than operating from your place of genius. Concentration comes easily and focus flows. It’s that sweet spot where dreams come true, goals are hit and self-fulfilment is realised. Here are 15 hacks to becoming your brightest.

1. Fast for Clarity

They say clarity kicks in after about 12 to 24 hours of fasting –– think of it like burpees for your brain.

2. Live Gamefully  

When Superbetter was released several years ago we all felt less guilty about the secret games stashed deep in our phones. Turns out games keep us young, with Tetris being listed as a go-to reset for your mental state.

3. Take 5

Mel Robbins has built an entire empire on five seconds –– her rule went viral because it works. “The 5 Second Rule is simple. If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it,” Mel says. Use it to get unstuck in five seconds flat.

4. Gains with Gratitude

Gratitude stimulates dopamine which increases our energy and flicks on our learning centres.

5. Mix it up

Doing things differently –– or just doing different things –– keeps your brain sharp. You could upskill or just take a different route. Or try practicing some Kaizen, breaking everything up into teeny steps to bypass a mid-arvo slump.

6. Cs the Day

Vitamin C could be considered a love language of the brain, with this study finding focus, memory, attention and speed were all enhanced by high levels of the vitamin in the blood.

7. Hydration

When you’re hydrated your energy levels immediately benefit, making focus, concentration and memory a breeze.

8. 432 Only

Reset with Mosart or equivalent. Being entranced by 432 hertz not only reduces stress but resets your system by energising your neurons. Modern music is tuned to 440 hertz which has been claimed to be less kind on the body.

9. No-mind

Meditation and breath work are a big part of our founder’s wellness routine. Just five minutes in a tranquil no-mind state –– or even better, walking meditations throughout the day ­­–– makes for an instant reset.

10. Eat Fats  

Your brain needs healthy fats for energy. This can include coconut oil, almond butter, grass fed beef, butter and avocados.

11. Move  

Short bursts of exercise make for long bursts of focus.

12. Sun-chase  

Real sunshine if you can get it –– or any form of Vitamin D –– is essential for the brain, creating serotonin which assists with focus.

13. Use your words  

While new languages help to keep your brain young, you don’t have to go that far. Just adding one or two new words to your arsenal regularly helps keep your brain fresh. There are other ways to enhance cognitive ability too: writing things down for memory, mind mapping for clarity, morning pages to reduce anxiety. And if you really want to become sharper, faster, try speed reading.

14. Be Boring

They say bursts of boring can be the best way to break stagnancy –– with the three Bs, bathtub, bed and bus being optimal for creativity to flow again. Extend this idea however you want –– so long as its uber mundane.

15. Schedule it

In planning your day, week, month your mind knows what to expect, helping it relax and have more room for other more creative endeavours. Some even suggest scheduling in ‘worry times’ so you can focus on life outside of those times. Another trick is to use the ‘then I will’ technique to prepare your mind for what’s to come. ‘Once I have brush my teeth, then I will go for a walk’.

And lastly, relaxation is your mind’s best friend. When you are in a flow state, alpha waves are stimulated, calming the mind and increasing creativity and productivity. Let no-mind be your quickest shortcut to your sharpest mind.