How to fuel up for fitness

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Trainer Dan Adair

What you consume before, during and after a workout has a huge impact on how well you perform and how good you feel. The pros reveal their perfect fuel plans for every fitness scenario.

Weight circuit

Ricardo Riskalla,Rawfit Personal Training

Prior: Have a good glass of water before training. Remember, if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated - simple as that. Hydration is the key to glowing and perfect skin and no fluid retention. If you don’t drink enough water the result is bloating. Always avoid eating prior to training, especially in the morning. This will ensure your body uses its fat stores.

During: Drink between 1 - 2 litres whilst working out.

Post-training: Drink more water and then a glass of cold pressed juice that is 80% cucumber juice, 10% lemon juice and a teaspoon of THE SUPER ELIXIR. Combine in a high-speed blender and sip.

Cardio training

Dan Adair, @DanAdair

Prior:Well-fasted cardio is in the morning on an empty stomach, working at a medium capacity, will purely burn fat as fuel. Or have a black coffee or green tea to increase core body temperature so you use more energy.

During: Drink lots of water and sip on BCAA (branch chain amino acids) to prevent breaking-down muscle for energy. You only want to burn fat.

Post-training: More water, a nourishing smoothie or your usual healthy breakfast.


Simone Schroeter The Ethereal Edit

Prior: I find it is best not to practise yoga on a full stomach, so I have a green smoothie with 2 heaped teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR two to three hours before practising. If it is first thing in the morning, I have a shot of greens and some water. If you really feel like you need something before you practice, make it fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate for a hit of sugar without filling up the stomach.

During: I tend not to drink any water whilst practising yoga as it disrupts the flow; stay connected to your practice.

Post-training: Lots of water and a NOURISHING PROTEIN Chocolate shake with almond milk. As soon as you can after your practice, dive into the ocean or have a shower to rinse off the sweat, because any toxins that have been eliminated in your sweat are now sitting on your skin. Whether it is restorative or a Yin practice, you still need to drink lots of water to re-hydrate.