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I have always loved to move my body and rather than sweating it out every day on a treadmill, I gravitate towards outdoor sports as I love to be in nature. Being in a park or exploring a hiking trail adds another element of adventure to exercise. I believe variety is important - mixing it up - and I value quality over quantity. I feel my best when I am fit and exercising regularly, I am inclined to eat better and I sleep better.

My relationship with exercise has changed over the years. What worked for me in my twenties doesn’t necessarily work for me now. I used to think I had to reach a certain intensity at each workout, but I have come to realise the importance of listening to my body. When I wake up in the morning, I decide what body work I will do that day. My menu is long: Pilates, Bikram yoga, spin classes, Barry’s Bootcamp, boxing, swimming, walking, running, hiking, surfing, yoga, massage, acupuncture and reflexology (phew!). Choose any of the above!

My post-workout refuel

I love our SUPER ELIXIR Chocolate Nourishing Protein shaken with almond milk as a quick snack on the go. If I am at home and want something a little more substantial, I will blitz it with frozen banana and almond milk. It’s a premium, organic, clean plant protein with all nine essential amino acids, including acid leucine, which is necessary for muscle repair. It contains digestive enzymes to support a healthy metabolism, maintain an alkaline body and keep weight hormones in check. There’s no nasty whey, which can be laden with non-organic lactose and hormones, plus it contains fibre to keep you feeling full longer. It’s perfect as a nutrient rich snack, especially to beat the 3pm slump or as a healthy meal replacement.


Exercising away from home

I love to run, especially when I am in a new city, it helps me get my bearings. There’s something about being outside, seeing new things, discovering a hidden park or vibrant laneway that touches the soul. If I am short on time, or in space like in a hotel room I have a go-to 15-minute ab routine. I know mine by heart but there are so many great exercise apps out there. Choose a 15 to 20-minute ab workout, then do ten minutes of stretching and you will feel amazing. Checking out the hotel gym is a great way to meet other travellers. If I'm in a gym, I’ll do a combination of boxing, TRX, weights and mat work. For effectiveness, I prefer weight-bearing, core exercises, especially planking, pushups and sit ups.

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Dealing with a motivation slump

There are definitely days when I feel unmotivated, days when I am busy and it’s hard to find the time. On those days, I try to be kind to myself, I think about what I feel like doing, what I might look forward to. I might go for a walk with a friend, or try something new - the power of discovery is not to be underestimated.

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