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Whether you're a spin class newbie or simply brushing up on technique, here is what you need to know for the ultimate joyride.

Bike Bar’s head performer JD gives us his top 10 tips and ultimate tunes, so you can spin right, go all out, and reap the benefits.

1. Pre-Game

Put yourself into the zone before class. That means fuelling your body with a light snack at least 30 minutes before class.

TIP: I like to mix my SUPER ELIXIR with coconut water for the ultimate pre-class energy hit. Make sure you’re not running late for class. If you’re late, you’re stressed. You don’t want to start stressed.

2. Attitude

It doesn't matter if it's your first ride or your 100th.You need to be in the right mind space. Set your intent for class as soon as you enter the studio. Maybe today’s the day you sit front row?

3. Bike Set Up

You can’t ride well if you’re not set up properly. The slightest adjustment can make all the difference. If you have any doubts,ask an instructorto check on you before class starts.

TIP: Want to strengthen your core? Lower your handlebars and push them out a little further.

4. Posture and Technique

This is not just a leg workout. The key to riding effectively is riding with your hips back over the saddle and your core engaged. When seated, pull your shoulders back, open your chest and sit tall, focusing on breathing and allowing your body to relax.

TIP: Soften your grip on the handlebars to ensure your core is doing more work. Remember - light hands, soft elbows.

5. The Beat

Hitting the beat is key to maximising your experience. Your ability to find it and hold it will allow every other element to fall into place, including the dance moves. Focus to find it and then relax when you have it.

TIP: Keep one hand on the resistance to guide you on to the beat. You often need more (NOT LESS) than you think to keep your legs in time.

6. Open Your Senses

Try closing your eyes at times during the ride. It will open up your other senses and allow you to feel the music move through you as you ride. Tap into a place that’s greater than the physical and get lost in that beat.

7. Resistance

The only thing in our control other than how fast we pedal, is how much resistance we put on the wheel. Push yourself. Every ride you should feel more comfortable and confident to add more resistance and challenge your body to work harder. Resistance will also give you more control when you’re out of the saddle to master the pulse, push-up and tap back!

8. Relax and Breathe

Don’t hold your breath. Breath is power! The more relaxed you are and the more control you have over your breathing, the easier everything becomes, especially during jumps out of the saddle. Keep checking in to make sure you’re controlling your breath and staying relaxed before each big effort.

9. Thank Your Body

We are often too hard on ourselves and don’t recognise the amazing things our bodies can do for us. During the first track, tell yourself “you’ve got this!” and then get to work. This workout is efficient and super effective - your body will love you for it. So in return, during the warm down, take a moment to celebrate how incredible your body is.

10. Stay Balanced

You’ve just smashed your class, energy levels are up, and you’re ready to attack the day. It’s really important to eat well and consistently throughout the day, drink plenty of water, and if possible get some extra stretching in, either at home or at the office. It will make a big difference to your recovery. Also don’t be afraid to reward yourself with a naughty treat. Ice cream and a G&T usually work for me. Balanced living is how we choose to live. #lifeaddict

Feel the Beat

JD’s Best Jams For Putting Pedal To The Metal

  1. Go, Chemical Brothers
  2. Losing It, Fisher
  3. Coming To You, Jill Scott
  4. Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n Roses
  5. Black Skinhead, Kanye West