As Californians, you may notice that your Nourishing Protein label now displays the Proposition 65 statement, which is the same warning you see at your local Starbucks, favourite restaurant or even at the Bank. This labelling requirement only applies to our Californian community and not the rest of our global community residing outside California. Here is the reason why.

Under Californian State law, businesses are required to advise customers of any exposure to elements (even naturally occurring) that could potentially cause an impact to their wellbeing. To comply with the state law, natural beauty & wellness products must have a Prop 65 warning affixed to the packaging if they exceed the stringent (and extreme) limits set by the state. The Prop 65 limits are not in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Safe Harbour Limits. For example, the daily maximum for lead in California is 0.5 ppm compared to the WHO limit of 10 ppm. As you can see, there is a huge discrepancy between the limits set by the world’s leading health authority and California Prop 65. A good example is an average serve of spinach, a vegetable regularly consumed, which is approximately 10 times the Prop 65 daily limit.

Whilst WelleCo Super Elixir, Super Boosters and Sleep Welle range are not impacted by the Prop 65 labelling requirement, WelleCo Nourishing Proteins fall under this category. Plant proteins contain trace amounts of natural elements including cadmium and lead. These are absorbed through soil, water or air whilst growing in the earth, leading to their presence in the final plant protein ingredient. As each serve of WelleCo Nourishing Protein is jam packed with large amounts of organic plant proteins we are required to display the Prop 65 statement.

WelleCo takes great care and pride in sourcing ingredients from various farmgates all over the world to ensure our products contain ethically sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients from their native origin. The WelleCo range undergoes a stringent quality testing regime to ensure you receive premium quality products to support your wellness journey.

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