Lessons From #SKINSCHOOL With Elle Macpherson And Dr. Barbara Sturm

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Our founder Elle Macpherson recently sat down with world-renowned skin expert and aesthetics doctor, Dr. Barbara Sturm, for a chat about all things skin. Elle spoke to her close friend about the importance of nourishing your skin from the inside-out, her own skincare routine and how to live, feel and look well for life.

Read on for a few of Elle and Dr. Sturm's best tips from their #SkinSchool online seminar (or watch the entire discussion via the video below) and how to build your own ideal skincare routine with WelleCo and Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Lesson #1: Beauty comes from being well within

"You can’t just put stuff on your skin and then treat the inside of your body poorly and expect it not to show," Elle said to Dr. Sturm. "Our skin is our biggest organ and the biggest reflection of our wellbeing, so we do need to nourish it from the inside as well to get the best results and the quickest results." Elle says that she makes sure to drink WelleCo's The Super Elixir as part of her morning skincare routine.

Lesson #2: Pigmentation can be impacted by your diet

"The sun has been my nemesis as far as my skin is concerned,” explained Elle. “If I can get rid of the sun damage, it takes ten years off my skin. But what I realised is when I changed my diet, I started to see a difference in my skin because the sun damage wasn’t only from being in the sun, it was also from inflammation and acidity in my diet. When I started to balance it out with my [WelleCo] products, believe it or not, my sun spots diminished. That and [Dr. Barbara Sturm] Brightening products have really helped.”

Lesson #3: Inflammation plays a big part in your skin's health

"It’s good because inflammation, as you said, is the root cause of diseases, ageing… so it’s important to understand the inflammatory triggers in your life – that could be no sleep, stress, diet, it could be the skincare you put on your skin. That’s why I’m always so militant about not doing acid peels, Retin-A, glycolic and lasers – it all causes inflammation on our skin," explained Dr. Sturm, who once worked as an anti-inflammatory doctor. Elle says she combats inflammation with a plant-based diet, movement, love, laughter, oxygen, sleep and low inflammatory proteins.

Now you can put that new knowledge into practice and balance your inner and outer beauty. Here's a simple 3-step daily routine to bring your real beauty and vitality out to the world, with the masters of beauty-through-wellness and the masters of skin beauty, WelleCo and Dr. Barbara Sturm.



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Step 3. REST & RENEW

Sleep tea and Barbara Sturm


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Watch Elle Macpherson and Dr. Barbara Sturm discuss the power of skincare, an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and much more.