The Beauty Of Motherhood: Elle Macpherson

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Welcome to The Beauty Of Motherhood, WelleCo's celebration of women who inspire us through their commitment to others, while still making the time to nurture their own wellbeing. Here they share the beauty and wellness rituals they rely on to cultivate self-love throughout their busy lives.

Elle Macpherson is the founder of WelleCo, an entrepreneur, a supermodel and a mother of two. She shares how motherhood helped to inform her beauty-through-wellness philosophy. 

“I felt the most beautiful when I was pregnant, both inside my heart and in my body. I was just in awe of the incredible change that my body went through, and that initiated my journey into wellness. I wanted to understand how my body works and how I could look after my children once they were born – so wellness, beauty and motherhood have always been inextricably linked for me. Now I understand that when you're well, you have this incredible energy about you. Your body functions well, you feel strong, you feel capable, you feel inspired. Our products at WelleCo help to benefit the quality of my skin, my hair and my nails, but beauty is about the energy that shines from within, which makes you so much more attractive to people. To all the mothers and the nurturing people in this world, know that you are loved, you are beautiful and stay well.”