Japanese Green Tea Salt Scrub




Luxe & effective treatment formulated with active ingredients sourced from Japan 


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Green tea salt scrub

All-natural healing body scrub that stimulates skin microcirculation, purifies and detoxifies, improves tone and reduces inflammation.

+ Sea Salt to remove dead skin cells and increases circulation whilst encouraging regeneration that supports tighter, firmer looking skin

+ Aloe Vera because it is naturally packed with anti-aging benefits and healing properties that benefits irritated and dry skin

+ Green Tea Extract to boost antioxidant capacity, help fight the aging process and improve the appearance of skin

Apply to damp skin with gloves or hands in a circular motion, massaging firmly with palm working downward from below the chest. After massaging, work up a lather with a wet sponge, wash and rinse to reveal beautifully smooth, healthy skin.

Formulated with sea salt, rice bran, aloe vera and green tea extract derived from Camellia sinesis leaves.
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Wonderfully soft

Welle said
"Product smells lovely. Leaves skin feeling wonderfully soft and rejuvenated."

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