Why slow beauty is the simple secret to glowing skin

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We’ve heard of slow food and slow living -  it’s about having a gradual and mindful approach to what we eat and the way we live. It was only a matter of time before this slow concept overflowed into other areas, especially beauty. Here’s what you need to know:
1. The three pillars of health

The food we eat, the way we move our bodies and how much sleep we get are all linked, and it turns out they also affect the way our skin looks… a healthy body inside equals glowing skin on the outside. So where possible eat fresh, seasonal produce, exercise and get your 7-9 hours of sleep!

2. Help your cells rejuvenate

The skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate, so that’s the minimum amount of time it takes to start seeing benefits. Support the rejuvenation process by hydrating and nourishing your body at a cellular level, our SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula contains 45 organic and wholefood ingredients carefully selected for maximum efficacy and easy absorption at a cellular level. It's the perfect natural beauty supplement with a combination of foods that are filled with vitamins for beauty, including pre and probiotics, aloe vera for hydration and healing and horsetail for silica and collagen building. 

3. Do something you love every day

When was the last time you woke up excited to do something for yourself? As adults we forget to include joy in our days. By doing something we love - it could be a morning walk, coffee with a friend, or baking a cake - every day, we’re looking after our minds body connection. It really is what inside that counts.

4. Single tasking (it’s the opposite of multi-tasking!)

We’re all prone to rushing about and attempting multiple tasks at once. Choosing one task at a time can help remove that frantic feeling. When you are calm on the inside, it shows on the outside, and in this case your skin.

5. Simple skincare

You don’t need a full arsenal of lotions and potions, we’re loving a less is more approach right now using natural good-for you products. The Alkalising Formula is a non negotiable part of our daily beauty regime as it has some of the best beauty vitamins and nutrients to support skin, nail and hair health -  so you can get glowing from the inside out. 


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