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Turns out it takes more than a great stylist for healthy glossy hair, writes WelleCo contributor Kat Odell.

Let’s face it. We all want thick, shiny, Rapunzel-length locks. And while voluminous, healthy-looking hair may seem like a genetic blessing, as it turns out, one’s diet, in conjunction with a haircare routine hinged on clean, botanical-derived products, can greatly impact the quality of one’s mane.

“What you eat directly impacts all aspects of your health, including your hair,” asserts New York City based nutritionist and holistic health coach Tara Milhem. It’s not uncommon to see a direct relationship between a poor diet and thin hair, says Milhem, or an abnormal amount of shedding. To combat these issues, or simply strengthen one’s hair, Milhem suggests supplements that contain probiotics and vitamins.

And Terra Therapos, senior styles at Chicago’sThe Circle Salon, an eco-conscious hair salon lauded for its use of non-toxic, plant-derived haircare products, agrees.“Natural vitamins and minerals that have high antioxidant and amino acid properties will give you a great deal of benefits in the hair department.” 

Both Milhem and Therapos call out SUPER ELIXIR Greens as an excellent, multi-functional supplement to help nourish hair. Milhem lauds the product for its combination of vitamins, biotin, beta-carotene, and L-glucamine, adding that, “The presence of [those] protein[s] and antioxidants help[s] speed up metabolism, and improves blood circulation,” which supports a healthy scalp.


Meanwhile, Therapos too notes that many of the ingredients in SUPER ELIXIR Greens stand out for their richness in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins (hair is made from a protein called keratin) found in the body, like spirulina, a green-hued algae that encourages hair growth. Therapos also highlights antioxidant-packed ingredients like grape seed extract, which aids in preventing hair follicle damage. Overall, says Therapos, “antioxidants help prevent damage, and the ageing process of hair, while promoting healthy hair growth.”

An abundance of vitamins and antioxidants are also found in Aquatic Collagen Skin + Hair + Nails SUPER BOOSTER, an herbal formula that supports an overall healthy immune system via fruits like Goji Berry and Acerola Cherry.

While it’s important to nourish your body from the inside out, easy everyday actions like brushing your hair and choosing less chemical-laden grooming products also contribute to overall hair and scalp health.

Therapos suggests brushing your hair every day “because this action stimulates the scalp to increase circulation, and helps keep it clean of debris and dead skin cells.” She adds that brushing your hair also helps distribute the natural oils in our scalp, adding hydration, protection, and shine to strands.  

And finally, it’s important to make well-educated decisions about the products we use on our head.“I believe we need to understand what is in each bottle, and if it was made with ethics and sustainability in mind,” states Therapos. Like food additives, haircare product additives can negatively impact one’s health.


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