What is the deal with Cyanocobalamin?

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Question: I am a big fan of WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN. I have noticed that it contains Cyanocobalamin which I have read is a man-made form of vitamin B-12. Why include this instead of a friendlier better assimilated version?

Answer: Vitamin B12 is essential to humans, but is unfortunately not produced by plants so we are unable to supplement our products with plant-sourced vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 used to fortify Nourishing Protein is in fact produced by fermentation, similar to producing beer or Vegemite. The vitamin is then concentrated out of the fermentation broth and it is this purification (with activated charcoal) that results in its final form as cyancobalamin. However, we can assure you that the vitamin used is not ‘synthetic’, it is indeed made by micro-organisms and then purified - not a product of industrial chemistry.  

It is one of those rare situations where we are truly restricted as to ingredient choices, and in this case we had to add an ingredient such as cyanocobalamin or none at all.