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With Google reporting searches for the term “self-care” up 140% in 2018, find out the leading trends hitting the health and wellness platforms this year.


Move aside Blueberries - Elderberries are the new berry on the block, with Google reporting searches for Elderberry recipes up 685%. Rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple colouring, these powerful antioxidants work to keep the immune system strong and resilient. Also a fiber powerhouse, Elderberries provide over 40% of your needed fiber intake in one serving making them beneficial for digestion.

Biophilic Design

Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. It suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world built up through hundreds of thousands of years of living in agrarian settings. Biophilic Design uses these principles to improve health and wellbeing and is applied to the various spaces we live and work in, from gyms and offices to metro stations. Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature - think air-purifying plants, natural materials and daylight - into the built environment have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and well-being.

Thermage and Ultherapy

Non-invasive skin tightening treatments Thermage and Ultherapy are becoming increasing popular thanks to the lack of downtime post- procedure. Thermage uses unique radiofrequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of skin while providing cooling to the surface. This deep heating stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process which helps tighten existing collagen and stimulates new collagen production. Especially effective at targeting loose skin, it helps improve all-over skin tone, the appearance of cellulite and crepiness, and saggy knees and neck. Ultherapy, also known as the no-scalpel facelift, uses ultrasound waves to tighten the skin of the face, neck and décolletage by stimulating fibroblasts in the skin to produce new collagen. Full results are seen between 6 to 12 months and last for up to two years.

Goat’s Milk

With research suggesting that goat’s milk may enhance the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients from other foods, it comes as no surprise its growing popularity, especially in the US.  Ounce for ounce, goat’s milk stacks up favourably against cow’s milk, particularly when it comes to protein (9 grams [g] versus 8 g) and calcium (330 g versus 275–300 g). Because it is slightly lower in lactose than cow’s milk — about 12% less per cup — and even lower in lactose when cultured into yogurt, people with mild lactose intolerance find it easier to digest than cow’s milk. High in vitamin A and alpha-hydroxy acids like lactic acid, it is also effective topically. Add goat’s milk to your nightly beauty regime for gentle but effective removal of dead skin cells and for repairing damaged skin tissues.

Bünda classes

Portugeuse slang for “bum”, Bünda is the hot new workout that focuses solely on lifting, toning and perfecting your butt. The class is split into two halves, mixing stints on the Stairmaster and the Bünda Station, which is kitted out with bands and bungee cords to enhance your squats, bridges and lunges and target every muscle in your bum. Low impact on joints, it allows intense cardio without reducing muscle tone. Sign us up!

image: hello glow

Beeswax Wraps

A simple square of cotton mixed with beeswax, pine rosin and oil is the new environmentally-friendly, reusable, and biodegradable alternative to cling film and foil. Its waxy coating means it is waterproof but breathable, making it perfect for covering foods in the fridge, carrying snacks on-the-go, wrapping up greens for the crisper, or keeping your home-made sauerkraut fermenting happily. To mimic the clingy effect of plastic wrap, simply press between your palms for a few seconds to warm the wax.

Ginger Root Oil

Derived from the root of the ginger herb, Ginger Root Oil has long been known as “the oil of empowerment” for the feeling of confidence and clarity it inspires. Add to a bath or massage for energising skin, body and mind, as well as soothing and reducing feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue. Used topically on the skin, it is effective at soothing redness and eliminating bacteria, whilst its antioxidant properties have a protective effect on the skin, preventing the signs of skin damage and ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines.