Wake-up call: Jacqui Ritchie

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What do you wear to bed?

Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas in the winter, and in the summer preferably nothing.

How do you dress your bed? 

It has to be white and warm. Right now, it is 100% Egyptian cotton white sheets, except my pillowcase which is silk. Also, I recently discovered Frette linen sheets at The Norman in Tel Aviv. They are crisp and airy, yet warm and luxurious. 

What is on your nightstand?

At the moment, two books and a magazine - Arabic Poems, Women Who Ruled, and September’s National Geographic. It’s December, my catch up! There is also a lip balm, water bottle, notepad and pen, and my NEST baby monitor on my iphone. 

Who do you sleep with?

My wonderful husband ♡

How many hours do you sleep?

On average 6 - 7 hours, but I’d love an extra 2!

What time do you wake up?

6am on weekdays to walk our dog Coconuts, prepare breakfast, and wake the children for school. On the weekends, I lie in.

What is the first thing you do on waking?

Turn my alarm off - never snooze, commit! I’ll flick the kettle on for some tea. I always look forward to the first hot drink in the morning. 


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How do you work out?

I work out 3 - 5 days a week.  I have three set days of booked classes, pole dancing, Barry’s Bootcamp and Pilates, which I enjoy with friends, and two free days where I can be spontaneous and see where my mood takes me. I can get bored easily so I need to do something different every day. I also think it is unfair to expect the same of ourselves every week. We all have a monthly cycle of energy to acknowledge. Some weeks I have more energy than others so I adjust my routine accordingly.  I try to take a holistic view to exercise and choose workouts that I enjoy, that challenge different muscle groups, and also ones that challenge my mind. 

What is your first drink of the day and why?

Hot water and fresh lemon (great for digestion, not so great for tooth enamel.)

What is for breakfast?

I am obsessed with acai bowls; I realize I am a latecomer at the acai party. I discovered them at the Bel Air Hotel in LA last spring.  I blend a frozen organic acai berry purée pouch with one avocado and half a banana.  It’s delicious, filling and the baby food consistency is not too taxing on my sleepy digestive system. I top with granola or chopped seasonal fruit to taste. I also mix THE SUPER ELIXIR greens with organic coconut water. It boosts my immunity and gives my skin a healthy glow. I usually have one coffee a day, before the school run. 

🍋🍋 Citron sunset

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What is your morning beauty routine?

My routine changes every day.  I love a steam in the shower, and I alternate mild face cleansers (Royal Fern is divine) and resurfacing exfoliators.  I love a loofah and a good body scrub in the morning. I always finish with a cold shower for a wake-up zing.  Most days I use an SPF face cream, but not always!

What are your go-to beauty products? 

I love a serum, usually vitamin C serum before my SPF in the morning, and a B5 serum at night. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin cell damage, calms inflammation, brightens skin and helps it to retain moisture more effectively.  I like Obagi or SkinCeuticals at the moment. 

What are your go-to makeup products?

I love a light dusting of Bare Minerals in medium beige and medium tan (I mix the two for my best shade). It has a natural, almost translucent coverage. Then I use a brow gel as my brows can get a little wild, so I love a groom-up. I’m addicted to lip balm - I have them hidden in every coat pocket and dotted all over the house.  Most days I don’t wear eye make-up; I save that for nights out.  

What is your emergency go-to for a tired face? 

Cold water and a thick, calming, moisturising face cream with some sleep. 


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What is the first thing you do? 

My youngest is due to be in school full-time from January, so currently my work is being a full-time mother (by far the best job I have ever had), alongside working on myself.  

What is the first thing you read?

Our schedule for the day! 

What is top of your to-do list? 

At the moment, visiting my Nana, learning Arabic, and signing over 200 holiday cards for our friends and family.  

What is your 10am pick-me-up for energy?

My energy is highest in the morning so I tend to need a 4pm pick me up!  I love a homemade ginger tea with turmeric and chilli. The spice gives me a kick, in place of sugar. 

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