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Tell the humble orange to step aside - your immune system just found its new hero.

It’s one of the world’s most potent vitamin C-rich foods, it’s native to Australia, and according to the Australian Government’s Rural Industries Research and Development Corp., it has “more than 100 times more natural vitamin C content than that of an orange.”

Impressive, right?

Small but mighty, the Kakadu Plum is around the size of an olive, but don’t let its size fool you. Its packed with between 150-450 milligrams of vitamin C per gram, which makes it a true superfood.

It has been used for thousands of years to treat a number of ailments and was traditionally carried by the Australian Aboriginal people on hunting journeys as medicine.

As Kadaku Plum is used almost exclusively for medicinal purposes, you won’t find it at your local food market, but you will find it in WelleCo’s Immune System Support Super Booster.

Combined with Acerola Cherry, Moringa, Astragalus Root, Ginger, Echinacea and Olive Leaf, this immune-loving tonic packs a serious punch for keeping you well, and the Australian Kakadu Plum, together with Acerola Cherry, provides 200% of your daily recommended vitamin C dosage. This potent combination of herbal medicines can help reduce free radicals that form in the body, assist with immune system support, promote the body’s adaptation to stress and supports a healthy immune function.

Just one vial a day mixed into water or your daily SUPER ELIXIR Greens for seven days is all it takes. For best results, start your course sat the first signs of immune compromise, when you’re under stress, entering a change of seasons or new environment, or any time you want to be rest assured that your immunity is supported.

And it can do more…

It protects against free radical damage and helps detoxify the body.

The Kakadu Plum contains more antioxidants than blueberries with 4.7 times more phenolic compounds and 10 times as much potassium. Its richness in phytonutrients makes the Kakadu Plum a powerful contender in fending off free radical damage in the body, as well as aiding the liver’s natural detoxification process in eliminating toxins from the body. Its detoxification effect is also aided by its fibre and soluble carbohydrate content, which helps preserve the vitamin C that leads to healthy absorption in the gut.

It protects the immune system

When the body is experiencing stress, vitamin C is one of the first nutrients to be depleted, weakening our immune system to new threats and making us more susceptible to illness. With its insanely high vitamin C content, the Kakadu Plum supercharges your immune system with the nutrients that it needs to protect itself and thus, better protect you against illness.

It fights fine lines and wrinkles

Kakadu Plum headlines many anti-ageing products, often combined with Jojoba oil, and that’s thanks to its richness in antioxidants which can fight against free radical damage to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Whether applied topically or ingested, the Kakadu Plum’s antioxidants and high vitamin C content have the ability to help lessen wrinkles and reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation. Research shows that the Kakadu Plum also contains trace minerals that nourish the skin and provide a protective barrier, including vitamin E, iron, zinc, folate (110 micrograms per 100 grams – the same amount found in broccoli), iron and lutein.