The WelleCo Post-Party Reboot

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Suffering post-Thanksgiving indulgence? Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD. is here to repair the damage.

Craving a morning after fry-up? Sounds like your liver and gallbladder are screaming for more carbohydrates so they can process all those cocktails and reboot your body.

As we sleep, the liver and kidneys aren’t always able to process the alcohol we have consumed. This is one of the reasons that driving the morning after can leave you at risk of being over the limit.  

I am not going to prescribe you the bacon butty you are hoping for. Instead, I give you the WelleCo Post-Party Reboot – a mini-regime designed to rest, rehydrate, and nourish your body and get you back on your feet.


Double your usual daily dose of THE SUPER ELIXIR in 500ml of filtered water. Go easy on the caffeine – it can shut down your liver. Have a cup of hot lemon water, or a black or green tea, and lots and lots of water. 

Healthy Fry-up

White toast and bacon is not the answer! Pork is super hard to digest, and white bread spikes blood sugar levels and slams them down fast, so you will feel even worse an hour after eating.

Try this instead (your liver will love you for it!)

Turkey bacon or smoked salmon

2 poached eggs

Half an avocado

Wedge of lime

Spelt, rye or sour dough toast


Black out your bedroom, spritz some WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Mist, and sip some Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea formulated with valerian, hops and skullcap. When combined, it helps calm nerves and induce sleep.

Sweet dreams. Tomorrow will feel much better.