The three herbs you need to help you sleep

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The three herbs you need to help you sleep
The herbs you need to help you sleep

Sleep is essential to detox and repair from the day. Even if you are super healthy your body still creates internal pollution, known as free radicals, this happens simply from converting food to energy.

Sleep enables the body to restore a balance of power that favours antioxidants to counter these free radicals and ensure we wake up each morning at our optimum equilibrium. A lack of sleep has a direct effect on our physical and emotional health.

It can be easy to create a sense of ‘normal’ when we get used to patterns of limited sleep, but the body will turn to stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol to create energy, which in the long run wears us down and reduces our organs ability to function correctly.

Finding remedies can be different for everyone who has trouble sleeping at night, from one insomniac to another, it’s best to try as many suggestions as you can to find what assists you the most. You can read Elle’ beauty sleep tips and we have compiled ways to improve sleep on our Welle Journal.

Remember, stressing about your lack of sleep doesn’t help so try and be patient with finding a solution and talk to your health specialist if it becomes chronic.

There are three proven herbs that can assist those who have trouble sleeping. We have included this powerful trio in our new SLEEP WELLE Fortified Calming Tea, here’s why…

Valerian: nature’s valium

This herb is one of the most common remedies for insomnia. Studies have shown that valerian improves sleep quality, the speed of falling asleep and encourages deep sleep. It is also used to help ease anxiety, headaches and migraines. It’s most effective when used over longer periods of time.

Hops: the natural sedative

When combined with valerian, this flower extract is widely used as a mild sedative for anxiety, insomnia and creating a sense of calm.

Skullcap: stronger than Chamomile

This powerful medicinal herb is used in the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions including insomnia and anxiety. It is helpful for nervous headaches and inducing sleep without any side effects.

Find out more about SLEEP WELLE Fortified Calming Tea and Elle’s favourite Lavender Calming Sleep Mist.

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