The power of good posture

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Image: Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida

A ballet dancer explains and shows us how.

“Good posture gets the blood and circulation in your body moving and flowing smoothly,” says LA-based ballerina Agnes Muljadi. “It also leads to better breathing, which allows more oxygen to reach the brain.” 

How did you train your body to sit and stand correctly?

Taking ballet classes since I was young has definitely helped me maintain good posture. Other than that, I do Pilates or gyrotonics once a week, and stretch everyday to lengthen my body which helps maintain good posture. 

How vital is good posture for ballet?

Good posture is key in ballet as well as in life, because it keeps bones and joints in their proper alignment so that muscles can be used properly. It is vital for injury prevention. 

Do you ever suffer from poor posture?

Because of my ballet background, good posture is ingrained in my body. However sometimes I sleep in weird position and find I wake-up with either back or neck pain. 

Three daily movements for perfect posture

Image (left to right): Brienne Michelle, Edward Isias.

1 Salute to the Sun, a graceful flow and linked by vinyasa (a breathing method) that massages, detoxifies, and stimulates nearly every organ of the human body.

2 Cobra Pose, a back-bending yoga pose that helps to open the chest and lungs and stretch out the back. 

3 Splits (or a modified version of a split) with both of your hips in the ground. Great for opening the hip flexors, deepening body awareness and deeply stretches the thighs.