The one thing to do everyday for beautiful legs

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Image: Brooklyn Blonde

Dry brushing is an efficient method for deep-cleansing and exfoliating skin, clearing pores, and ramping up blood circulation.

It also stimulates the sweat glands which provides moisture for the skin, which in turn gives legs a healthy glow and helps prevent cellulite. “I always get bikini ready by scrubbing,” says WelleCo co-founder Elle Macpherson. “It’s a terrific way to refresh, detoxify and soften the skin.”

For super smooth legs, arm yourself with a firm, natural-bristle brush and put aside a few minutes before showering every morning. 

Appling just enough pressure to stimulate circulation, brush upwards towards the heart, in small, quick, circular motions until your skin turns pink. The motion should be firm, but not painful.

Start at the backs of your knee where the lymph nodes are, and brush the outside first and then the inside, moving up towards the groin. Next focus on the calf, brushing from the foot upwards. Lastly, brush the buttocks from the middle outward toward the hip. Then repeat the process on your other leg. 

Afterwards, shower under tepid water and after towelling off, apply coconut oil (a little goes a long way use, so ½ tablespoon for both legs should suffice). It may feel greasy at first, but because your legs are beautifully exfoliated, it should absorb quickly. 

Repeat the process every morning for best results (and stellar legs).