Skye McAlpine’s day on a plate

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Food stylist and columnist for Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveller Skye McAlpine, lives a delicious life between homes in London and Venice. Here she reveals to Dr Laubscher PhD, the scrumptiousness that is her daily plate.

Breakfast THE SUPER ELIXIR with filtered water and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. I've loved the juicy white peaches over summer.

Mid-morning snack: A handful of almonds or a slice of fennel seed cake and homemade yogurt.

Lunch: Half a melon with prosciutto and some homemade iced tea.

Afternoon snack: A spritz with a couple of olives.

Dinner: Homemade gazpacho or some deep-fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and mint. I love clams sautéed in white wine with fresh parsley and a slice or two of bread. I usually finish with fresh mint tea and a couple of Venetian biscuits. 

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WelleCo’s Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD says…

Dr Simone Laubscher

Breakfast looks great! Just make sure the yogurt is organic to avoid nasty added hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. If you are prone to mucus, you can alternate with a vegan coconut yogurt.

Lovely to see you are snacking on almonds. Add walnuts too if possible so you have more of a complete protein snack. They are brilliant for brain function and 12-15 walnut halves give you 95% of your daily essential fatty acids.  

Traditionally fruit and meat don't digest very well together. Melon takes only around 30 minutes to digest and the prosciutto can take a few hours. This means the fruit ferments in your gut due to the pork. That said we are all different and if you eat this meal and you don't feel bloated and you are not prone to candida (stick your tongue out and see if it is pink, or if it has a white coat it is candida) then you would be fine to eat this meal. I always use good clean science when I treat a client but always listen to what they say about their digestion too, so that each meal is balanced and works for them as an individual. Great that you had THE SUPER ELIXIR earlier in the day for the pro and pre biotics and digestive enzymes. They will help you digest this meal.

The olives in the afternoon are great and high in antioxidants. Black olives in particular help reduce oxidation of cholesterol so great for your heart.

At dinner, take care with what oil you use for deep-frying. Some can turn rancid and are carcinogenic. Grape-seed oil has a high smoke point with a mild taste which is a good option over nasty vegetable oil. Don't deep fry with olive oil either due to the lower smoke point.  

Overall your diet is quite high in dairy and low in green veggies. If you are running alkaline (you can use our WelleCo pH sticks to check), your digestion, body fat levels and cholesterol levels are good then such days could also be rotated into weekly days too. You would be blessed with a fast metabolism to eat like this regularly on a daily basis, but for most of us this type of diet would be more of a once or twice a week treat simply due to the cheese, yogurt, wheat, pork and white wine. 

Perfect that you drink THE SUPER ELIXIR each day for this will hoover up all the acidic effects of the above list of foods and life is about balance after all so your organic alkalizing greens will serve you well.