Pill vs. Powder

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Image: Damien Hurst

If the idea of choking down synthetic pills puts you off taking supplements, then a POWER POWDER may be for you. 

Why take a supplement?

When it comes to achieving optimum health, it’s not just the food we eat, but the quality of absorption. “Poor absorption can be due to stress, poor diet, not chewing food correctly or low-quality produce,” says WelleCo’s Dr. Simone Laubscher PHD.

“With farming, the soil is supposed to rest one year for every seven years it’s farmed in order for nutrition and minerals to be put back into the soil. Today this doesn’t happen because farmers can’t always afford to do it. This goes for organic farming also.” 

An all-natural daily supplement provides nature with a helping hand, giving bodies the vital nourishment, vitamins and minerals it requires for optimum health. “Make sure they are bio-live, plant-based organic ones though,” says Dr Simone, “not synthetic pills which you just pee out.” 

Synthetic vs. plant-based

When nutrients are efficiently absorbed from quality whole foods, the cells are nourished right down to the mitochondria (the organelles that act like a digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell.) 

“When I first met Elle she emptied about 40 expensive products on my desk and explained that even though she was taking them all, she felt terrible,” says Dr Simone.

After testing her blood, urine, hormones, vitamin and mineral status, acidity and alkaline levels, detox capacity and liver and kidney function, Dr Simone worked out exactly what to do. “I changed her diet, balanced out her hormones, and adjusted her blood sugar levels. All with food and whole food supplements.”

Dr Simone says some of the supplements Elle was taking were synthetic. “They turn your urine fluoro and simply get peed out. The absorption rate for synthetic supplements is about 5-10%, but what you’re looking for is 95-100%.” 

“I saw a dramatic difference soon after,” says Elle. “I got rid of all the synthetic supplements and replaced them with whole food supplements and a mainly plant-based lifestyle. It made me realize what a profound impact food can have on the way I feel.”

Liquid Assets

“Some of the supplements Elle was taking contained great ingredients but they came in a hard bullet-like tablet you could hardly snap in half,” says Dr Simone, “how can your body be expected to digest it?”

Enter THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalizing Formula – a breakthrough all-natural wholefood daily multivitamin mineral supplement. “It was WelleCo’s first product,” says Elle. “Many supplement products are manufactured, processed and synthetic. Ours is an alkalizing, vegan, all-in-one vitamin and mineral supplement full of bio-live nutrients from organic wholefoods. It’s high quality, clean and pure.” 

Taken correctly and consistently, THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalizing Formula not only delivers goodness into the cell, but accelerates junk out of it, so you can deal with toxins better. "This is my personal super supplement,” says Elle. “I have taken it every day for years. I live by it."


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