How to put your best face forward

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Image: Aleece wilson by CARLOS+ALYSE

With the no-makeup look remaining dominant on the international runways, natural glowing skin has never been more important.

Top facialist Richie Angelo from Melbourne’s MADE by SELF,says your best face can be made and maintained in just 5 basic steps. Here’s how.

1 Ingestible skin food

The first step in a good skin care regime is to nourish the body from the inside out. Because topical creams only treat the epidermis area of the skin, taking an ingestible supplement will treat the dermi and hypodermis layers from within, which provides long lasting and more effective results. THE SUPER ELIXIR by WelleCo contains 45 organic and wholefood ingredients carefully selected for maximum efficacy and easy absorption at a cellular level. It's the perfect natural beauty supplement with a combination of foods that are filled with vitamins for beauty, including pre and probiotics, aloe vera for hydration and healing, and horsetail for silica and collagen building. 

2 Cleanse  

Cleansing is an integral part of a beauty regime for ensuring skin is clean, fresh and able to absorb the full benefits of serums and moisturizers. Think of your skin as a clean canvas. You don’t want to layer products on skin that has last night’s residue still on it.  

If after cleansing, your skin feels tight and too squeaky clean, your cleanser is probably stripping it of its natural oils, and this can lead to sensitivity.

3 Mist

A wet sponge absorbs a lot more than a dry on, so it makes sense to hydrate a moist face as opposed to a dry one. Using a hydrating mist after cleansing makes skin super moist and dewy, and assists the absorption of serums and moisturizers into the skin.

4 Topical nutrients 

What you use on your complexion depends on your skin type, environmental conditions, concerns and seasons. In summer for example, a lighter textured moisturizer of lighter oils like macadamia, jojoba and avocado, is perfect as they are similar to our natural sebum(oil), and won’t clog skin. Hyaluronic Acid is great for plumping and hydrating the skin and replacing water and sweat loss.

5 Protection

In winter, use a SPF 30+ if you are hitting the slopes. In summer, for optimum protection use an SPF 50+. I prefer zinc oxide for the face as it blocks both UVA and UVB. Patch test on your neck and on hands when buying, to make sure you like the consistency and feel on your skin.