How To Power Through Silly Season

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Party season is in full swing. All the festive tipples, finger food and decadent desserts can quickly add up. Don't fret. Instead of avoiding social gatherings altogether, try these party hacks to keep you look and feeling your best all the way through till 2017!


Double your Alkalizing Greens: once before you go out, and again when you wake up, for hydration and bounds of energy. TRY THIS: Almond milk, kiwi fruit, spinach, green apple and two teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalizing Greens.

Before you go

Instead of setting up camp next to the kitchen door and inhaling every canapé in sight, make yourself a healthy meal at home first.

Fill your plate once

For buffet style parties, choose the smallest plate, load it up to your heart’s content, but only once.


Match every alcoholic drink with a glass of water: yep, it’s an oldie but a fail safe way to make it through the night.

Serve welle

If it’s your party, make it healthy! Skinny starters, bright summer salads and fancy popsicles for dessert. WE LOVE: This delicious mediterranean chicken and goats cheese salad from Donna Hay