How to PARTY 101

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Image: Vogue Paris by Inez and Vinoodh

Our pre-party planner, Dr Simone Laubscher PhD., gives us the lowdown on how to party (without the hangover).

1 Take THE SUPER ELIXIR pre-party shot

A few hours before you go out, take an extra dose of THE SUPER ELIXIR in 500ml of filtered water. Make another one up and leave in the fridge, so you remember to have one before you go to bed as well. THE SUPER ELIXIR contains nettle, milk thistle and dandelion that are brilliant at supporting liver function. 

2 Eat right or risk doubling your hangover

We can often feel worse either not eating, or eating the wrong foods before drinking. Most forms of alcohol are carbohydrates, so if you devour pasta or pizza prior to going out, you can end up with a carbohydrate and alcohol hangover.  High processed carbs also spike blood sugar levels, which can make you feel tipsy sooner. Alarmingly, a high GI carbohydrate meal, like veggie pasta, when combined with sugary cocktails or beer, can actually lead to blackouts.

Before partying…

AVOID processed carbohydrates.

Heavy meats
Creamy sauces

ENJOY a good protein + carbohydrate mixed meal.

Grilled salmon
Poached chicken
Brown rice

3 Drink right and hydrate.

Choose low GI drinks, or you risk suffering a massive hangover from the alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar content in the drink. If you drink beer or white wine, start the night off with this, but switch to low GI drinks half way. 

When partying….

AVOID high carbohydrate alcohol.

White wine

ENJOY lower GI forms of alcohol.

Red wine
Clear spirits like vodka or gin
Mixers like soda or mineral water
Wine spritzers with rosé wine with soda