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Image Credit: Mikael Jansson

Our health problems, it turns out, could be in our head.

“The brain is the ultimate output centre for all efforts of the body.” says WelleCo expert advisory member Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD. “You can’t have a healthy brain if your body is out of whack, and you can’t have a healthy body if your brain is out of whack.”

Gottfried, The New York Times bestselling author of Brain Body Diet: 40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized, and Happy Self, tackles a subject many of us are very familiar with: how to lose weight and keep it off for good.

“Just like every home has a thermostat that constantly maintains a temperature, your brain has a body weight that it seeks to maintain,” she says. “This is called your body weight set point. Understanding how to change your set point and lower your weight can be life changing. Imagine not worrying about weight every day, or not binge eating and then feeling bad about yourself.”

After several years of research, Gottfried has discovered a protocol for stopping weight gain by making targeted dietary and lifestyle changes. “I struggled for several years as I tried to unsuccessfully slow my rising body weight,” she says. “Then I learned about the link between the brain and body and specifically how my brain was blocking my weight loss via its set point.”

These changes, according to Gottfried, can help us achieve healing and harmony between the brain and body. “By following this protocol, it is possible to lower our body weight set point and achieve lasting success.”

WelleCo (W): How did you discover how powerful the internal brain/body dialogue is?

Dr Sara Gottfried (SG): A few years ago, I had a brain/body crisis. I experienced a traumatic brain injury that fundamentally shifted my view on women's health. As I went through my frightening and frustrating experience, I noticed something I hadn’t before. First and foremost, on a subtle level, there is a conversation happening between the brain and body. Up until I suffered my brain injury, I didn't understand how powerful this internal brain body dialogue really is. As my recovery stalled and conventional treatments failed me, I took my healing into my own hands. What I discovered gave me entirely new insight into my own health and the women I work with. I’ve come to see that for all body-related issues in a woman’s life, she needs to tune into this internal brain-body connection. This is what’s been missing! For many, this is why past efforts have failed to produce lasting change. Especially when it comes to losing weight, brain fog, feeling anxious or moody, addictive behaviours, or the earlier signs of memory loss.

W: How did you find the solution?

SG: I went through piles of scientific articles and medical journals trying to find the solutions that were based on evidence, not just hyped-up promises or faulty research. I applied my medical knowledge to my own body and then worked with thousands of women to help them lose weight efficiently and sustainably so that the weight loss lasted. It wasn’t easy!

W: What demographic does this protocol work most effectively for?

SG: It is especially effective for woman over the age of 35 who are noticing that their metabolism is slowing down or who push themselves too hard, and as a consequence, are experiencing negative brain/body symptoms. This comes from personal experience. When I was around this age, I too was frustrated to see my weight slowly rising each year. My body just wasn't responding to diet and exercise the way it used to. My metabolism wasn’t keeping up with how I wanted my body to look and feel. My book is essentially my personal journey - a step-by-step protocol to healing the brain/body connection that can impact our bodies so dramatically.

W: How can women tap into brain/body dialogue?

SG: It’s important to firstly identify and set your body weight set point for weight lost that lasts. Then it is about cleaning up and clearing out toxins and inflammation that impact mood, energy and memory. It’s important to feed your soul – tend to your heart, relationships and joy – for true healing and relationships. In my new book Brain Body Diet, I teach a better way to wholeness because I don’t want my readers to undergo the trauma I did. The good news is, it doesn’t have to take months to learn these lessons. The first step is taking a short quiz to score your brain/body health. Once you have your personalised score, I’ll send you some recommendations to improve your score. If you find the material useful, you can purchase the book along with some fun extra bonuses for a special launch sale price and begin your journey towards a balanced brain body.