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We love Elle’s new editorial for ELLE Italia (and these gorgeous images shot by legendary French photographer Gilles Bensimon).

WelleCo Co-Founder Elle Macpherson chats to ELLE Italia about motherhood, clean beauty, fave fashion brands and modelling in the 90s. Here’s a little sneak peek….

ELLE Italia: As one of the most iconic supermodels in the 1990’s, how has the fashion world changed and what key learnings did you take away from those early modelling years?

Elle Macpherson: Growing up modelling in the 1980s, when we were larger than life, there was a real distance between us and the public because the more iconic you were, the greater your success. Today with the advent of social media, the closer you are to your public, the greater your success. 

Being a co-founder and shareholder of a business has meant there’s no room for separation or star treatment. Working and building WelleCo as an authentic quality brand means the focus is squarely on our products and formulas to make sure they are premium and efficient. This is very different to when I began modelling, when the focus was on me and how I wore fashion and was photographed. 

I’ve learned that business is much more than just satisfying the tangibles of profit and progress. It is a journey that navigates the intangibles and effectiveness of expansion and evolution to succeed. 

ELLE Italia: How do you like to dress and what are your go-to fashion brands? 

Elle Macpherson: My work clothes vary according to what I’ve got going on. Red carpet is usually a long dress and fabulous heels or flats. I like to feel as free and comfortable at formal occasions as I do every day, so I keep my styling simple. I believe it’s important to feel confident and not try too hard. Some of my favorite evening clothes are designed by Italian designers, like Valentino, which I love to wear with flats. 

My usual uniform for business meetings is classic pants and t-shirts by designers like Celine, Isabel Marant, Alberta Ferretti or Brunella Cucinelli. I love a good handbag by Burberry, or a timelessly classic Hermes Birkin or Saddle Bag. 

Often I am wearing jeans and a white t-shirt or shirt. I love Italian car shoes - I’m still quite classic, but with a twist, in my dress style.  

For evenings I like something more rock and roll from Off white, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Valentino or Isabel Marant. 

I wear sporty clothes on the school run as I often go straight to a run, walk, swim or water ski afterwards.  I love Victoria Beckham’s collection with Reebok and P.E Nation. They make the best athleisure wear.