Dr. Laubscher on how to lean up for summer

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   📏 General rules
Aim for a gluten and dairy free diet, eat more fish, less animals, and loads of greens, plus vegetables from the color of the rainbow.
Keep weekdays clean and save indulging for the weekends.

- Make protein your friend
Your blood sugar drops when you haven’t eaten enough protein at lunch, either eat more protein (one portion size should be the size of your palm) at lunch or have a Nourishing Protein smoothie as a snack to curb sugar and carb cravings.
- Eat good fats, yes you avocado!
Foods with good fats like avocados, olives, olive oil can really help balance out your blood sugar levels, stop sugar cravings and make you feel full.
   🍳 What to eat: Your day on a plate

- Get started

🍴 The Bojon Gourmet's Roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad with chile and lime 

🍴  Sweet Paul's Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and spinach  

🍴 Jamie Oliver's Salmon and pesto salad