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Hotel bound and need a workout? Celebrity personal trainer Ricardo Riskalla says forget the gym - all you need is your own body resistance and a good dose of discipline.

“Let go of the idea of the 60 minute exercise routine,” says Ricardo. “I have no idea who came up with the idea that a great workout must run for a specified time. What really matters is technique and repetition.”

“When travelling, always do your workouts in the morning so you make sure that you fit it into your schedule. I am giving you two different workouts so you can rotate them.  You will see real results if you mix it up.”

Workout 1: Legs & Arms

In a ballet plie position, execute full squats for 5 minutes very slowly.

Standing up with arms fully extended, rotate them gently and slowly forwards and backwards for 3 minutes each.

Workout 2: Waist & Posture 

Sitting down cross-legged, keep your knees still and bend your body sideways, touching your elbow on the floor on the alternative side. Do both sides for 10 minutes.

30 full push-ups, performed slowly. If you can’t touch the floor, make sure you go at least half way down.


    5 minutes of deep breaths and meditation.

    Cold shower to prevent fluid retention.

    2 teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR with 500ml filtered water to get that alkaline glow.

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