DAILY BITES - WelleCo Superfan Bec Rogers

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DAILY BITES - WelleCo Superfan Bec Rogers


Bec Rogers: “I am very overweight and struggle with consistency with eating and exercise. My weight yo-yos, so I lose large amounts of weight then put it all back on again. When I am trying to lose weight, I eat the diet below but without the pasta or bread. My current goal is to eat well and exercise consistently to lose weight. I have about 45kg to lose to reach a healthy weight for my height. I do struggle with frequent chest infections, so my immunity and gut health is also a real focus for me.” 

Dr Simone Laubscher PhD (DL):“I feel you have a metabolic issue Bec, and can understand your frustration. I too once had one, and successfully fixed it so I no longer suffer huge weight fluctuations.”

On waking: I have warm lemon water with a probiotic.

DL: Make sure you leave at least 30 minutes between your probiotic and eating so your stomach acids don't destroy your probiotic.

Breakfast:  One of the following.

Ham, avocado, hummus, and goat’s cheese on sourdough.

DL: Ham is very hard to digest, so at least make sure it is organic to avoid the hormones, or swap this out for roasted (not smoked) turkey or smoked salmon. Ensure your goat’s cheese is organic too; the hormones can play havoc with our metabolisms. Sourdough is fine, just make sure it is a spelt or rye base.

Poached egg with rocket, avocado and goat’s cheese.

DL: Great and again make sure the goat’s cheese is organic.

NOURISHING PROTEIN by WelleCo smoothie made with almond milk, raspberries, cinnamon and THE SUPER ELIXIR bio-available greens.

DL:Amazing! It will keep you going until lunchtime and give your metabolism a kick so you burn fat before lunchtime and feel mentally and physically strong.

Mid-morning snack:Small decaf soy flat white.

DL: Some people do well with soy but most don't if it is GMO. Swap it out for almond milk if possible.

Lunch:  Weekday lunches are usually leftovers from the night before, or a takeaway salad of chicken, beetroot, lentils, fetta, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, rocket and roasted cumin dressing.

DL: Check the chicken is organic so there are no added hormones. They play havoc with our moods and metabolisms. If not sure, swap out for salmon or another fish. 


Dinner: I’m not consistent with dinners, but usually one of the following options.

Marinated chicken, lamb, or pork cooked on the BBQ with a Greek salad and grilled sweet potato.

DL: Again check the source of the animals.  Pork is super-hard to digest so I would avoid it and only have on a free meal if you really love it.

Roast chicken with roasted root vegetables and steamed greens.

DL: Great! Remember organic chicken is best. 

Pasta with a tomato sauce with capsicum, garlic and onion.

DL: Not the best choice for the evening because the sugar spike from the pasta can leave you feeling tired in the morning and prone to weight gain. Pasta is great as a free meal once a week and before 5pm. It means you have time to burn it off before you sleep. 

After dinner: Immediately after dinner I have strong sugar cravings, so I usually eat chocolate.

DL: This means your dinner is too low in protein or you are not digesting your protein. It is too low in good fats like avocado. I specialize in metabolisms and blood sugar regulation and none of my clients are left with sugar cravings after a meal.  It’s not acceptable in my book :)