Captain and the Gypsy Kid x THE SUPER ELIXIR

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Nothing says healthy Aussie kids like sun, sand and a little sunshine. Take a sneak peak at the day the ever-stylish Sheree Comerford road tested our new Super Elixir Kids Nourishing Protein with the help of her gang of surf grommets...


Siblings Fletch (10yrs), Jack (11yrs) and their sister Chilli (8yrs)


True blue surf grommets, we spent the morning at the beach surfing, rock climbing and hanging out with their dog. I got exhausted just standing next to them.



Everyone was getting the belly grumbles so we headed home and the kids whipped up the below smoothie



1 x scoop Kids Nourishing Powder

Almond milk or coconut water

Half an avocado for extra creaminess

Handful of either pecans or cashews

One frozen banana



Chilli | “Very filling. I would have it for breakfast or afternoon tea. It’s yum and delicious.”

Fletch | “The taste on my tongue makes me happy”

Jack | “Yum and filling. Creamy and throat soothing”



The kids loved the taste and also the smell. They loved being able to make it themselves. I think being in charge of their own health was empowering for them. This was a super easy way for them to be in control of their own diet. Definitely filled them up. They were satisfied and didn’t want to snack on anything else. Don’t over do the protein powder, stick to the designated amount, too much will give it a grainy protein taste. I would definitely use this with my children, particularly as they get older.

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