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Looking for a good read? Here are 5 great books floating around the WelleCo office this month.

Paul O’Connor, PR Manager

Enigma Variations by Andre Aciman. 
“5 stories make up this novel by the famed Call Me by Your Name author. I read this during the long flight from Perth to Mexico this month. The theme of love from adolescence to adulthood centres around the main character Paul – how could I not be attracted to this!"

Elle Macpherson, Co-Founder

From Atoms to Angels by Paul Walsh-Roberts. 
“Change is all around us and no aspect of our lives remain untouched. I found this book full of practical insights and tools as well as thought provoking, challenging, clear and liberating.” 

Simone Schroeter, Product Development Manager

Bel Canto by Ann Pachett. 
“Ann Patchett is one of my favourite authors. Her characters are so intriguing and real and she builds them beautifully. This is another of her books set in South America and she always paints its environment beautifully. It's full of quirky and funny characters with a bizarre but interesting plot - guests at an extravagant birthday party at the mansion of the Vice President, including one of Japan's most wealthy businessman, his translator, a world-renowned opera singer and 50 more guests, are held hostage. The terrorists want to kidnap the President, which he didn't attend because his favourite soap opera was on! The story follows how the wealthy guests and the young terrorists survive together in the house for months on end.” 

Dr Simonê Laubscher, Scientific formulator for Welleco

The Miracle Mornings - The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life… (Before 8AM) byHal Elrod.
“This book is about transforming your mornings and creating great habits to transform your life.” 

Elizabeth Clarke, Digital Content & Communications

Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales.
“Written by Australian journalist Leigh Sales, Any Ordinary Day is a compilation of true stories about what happens when ordinary people living ordinary days, are faced with the unimaginable. It's also a personal exploration about living through hard times and fearing the worse, and what it is that makes us carry on despite the threat of the unknown on the most ordinary day. Brilliant and inspriring.”