How to reduce the pesticide load in your body

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The Swedish environmental research Institute collaborated with Swedish grocery chain Coop to run an experiment to see what would happen if one family switched from conventionally grown food to organic only.

Watch the video to see the immediate difference eating organic or pesticide free food can make inside your body.

Get the organic effect 

The blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients in WelleCo Fruit and Veggie Wash reduces the levels of contaminants by helping water stick to dirt, chemicals and waxes to allow their removal.

A lot of people take the precaution of rinsing their fruit and vegetables in water, unaware that this is not enough to remove potentially harmful contaminants. Agricultural pesticides and waxes are designed to be waterproof which is why washing with water alone is not effective.

WelleCo Fruit & Veggie Wash is all natural and free of chemicals. It’s easy to use and rinses clean, leaving only the fresh taste of healthy fruit and vegetables.

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