5 Minutes With Jampal Williamson

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5 Minutes With Jampal Williamson

We chat beaches and taking pictures with one half of Western Australian photography team Salty Wings

Born out of a passion for documenting remote and unique seascapes, Jampal Williamson and Michael Goetze create coveted content of beautiful landscapes including their home state of Western Australia.  Considered industry leaders in the aerial space, in their first year they launched aerial drones on a 20,000km journey along the coast of Western Australia, capturing its expansive, breathtaking, earthliness in high resolution. Since then they have ventured to Tahiti, Nusa Lembongan, Norway, Italy, Iceland, The Bahamas, Utah, Oregon and Kauai.

North Cottesloe, Western Australia. Image & Print by Salty Wings

WelleCo (W): Where is home?

Jampal Williamson (JW): I live in Perth in Western Australia. It will always be home for me. It is a place that I feel the most relaxed and I am always excited to shoot here.

W: What is your favourite landscape to shoot?

JW: The south coast of Western Australia because it is so diverse. Forests, pristine sandy beaches, clear blue water and textured rock formations. It is called the Rainbow Coast because of its diverse weather. It is always inspiring.

Broome, Western Australia. Image & Print by Salty Wings

W: What is the most beautiful place you have ever shot?

JW: Tahiti because like Margaret River it feels like paradise - the smells, sights, climate, landscape, lagoon and sunsets blew me away. It was really special and romantic.

W: Your favourite way to travel?

JW: On the road or in the air with time on my side. I love driving but being in the air provides me more inspiration which is why I often shoot aerial.

W: Your best working trip ever?

JW: Tahiti with Adobe. We were paid to travel through paradise. It didn’t even feel like work. I felt a real connection with the Tahitian people and the landscape was amazing. It is an experience that will stay with me forever.

Tetiaroa, Tahiti. Image & Print by Salty Wings

W: What is your best travel tip?

JW: I always exercise as soon as I land to overcome my jetlag and carry wireless headphones, pillow and eye mask.

W: Your best tip for taking a great picture.

JW: There are so many variables that come into play. Patience is probably the most important as well as letting your subject fall into place. You can take a picture but you also have to publish it, so curation takes a big role. You have to be discerning about what looks good. You might take 50 pictures, and have to throw out 49 of them to be left with the best one. 

W: Who is your favourite travelling companion?

JW: I like travelling solo best of all. It is more organic and you have more exciting experiences because they are unexpected.

Greens Pool, Western Australia. Image & Print by Salty Wings

W: Do you listen to music whilst you shoot?

JW: I listen to ambient, electronic and atmospheric.  Anything that puts me in a relaxed state which gives me patience. I always try and create otherworldly works and try my best to enter into that mindset that helps me to create the images I want.

W: What is the best thing about your job?

JW: The ability to have the freedom to travel and see the world at my own pace.

W: Worst thing about your job?

JW: Being double booked and having to turn down a job!

Middle Island (Esperance), Western Australia. Image & Print by Salty Wings

W: Your favourite WA destination?

JW: Esperance. I have travelled the world and never found a landscape that compares.

W: What are you working on at the moment?

JW: Preparing for the summer and looking at some east coast destinations.