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On-call to the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon, Gucci Westman is one of the world’s most influential makeup artists and founder of makeup brand Westman Atelier. Here she chats to us about her morning WelleCo routine, her ‘complexion system’, and how to give good glow in under 10 minutes.

WelleCo (W): Your discussions on the clean beauty panel at this year’s In Goop Health summit were inspiring. What was it like to be on the panel?

Gucci Westman (GW): I was very honored to be asked to speak with such a tremendous panel. I’m so inspired by all the other panelists and the audience was exactly my target audience which was fantastic, although it adds to the pressure of making sure you speak about everything that you want to touch on! I was very nervous, but it was great experience.

W: What have been your biggest lessons from your years in the ever-changing beauty and fashion industries?

GW: You will constantly be declared ‘trendy’ and ‘not trendy’ over the course of your career span in fashion, so you really have to learn to move on and try not to take things personally.

I’m very grateful for my loyal girls that I have worked with for more than two decades. Now developing my own brand, which is so important to me, is really the most exciting part of my career-to-date.

W: Do you have any daily rituals to keep you feeling your best?

GW: I practice Transcendental Meditation every morning before I start my day and it really makes a difference. I also have a NOURISHING PROTEIN shake and a Women’s Libido + Hormone Support Super Booster.

W: What do you expect to be the biggest trends in clean beauty in 2019?

GW: I think we’ll see many more large corporations becoming more sustainable and cleaner. We’ll also continue to see more niche beauty brands that will speak to wellness and clean-beauty. It’s a very exciting time. The more conversations we have about this clean space, hopefully the more change we will see.

W: What are your go-to steps to prepare your face for the day?

GW: I moisturise and then use my complexion system. The beauty of my complexion system is that it’s intuitive and harmonious, so you can use the products in any order, it really simplifies things. For example, you can use Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlighter under your Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation. I personally always use two foundations – a lighter shade around my T-zone and a deeper around the perimeter of the face, blending them together.

I’ll then pop some colour on my cheeks and lips with Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks and add a touch of contour with Westman Atelier Face Trace. 

I then use Westman Atelier Super Loaded on my cheeks to add warmth and definition, as well as bronzer, swept across my forehead, cheeks and eyelids. And boom, I’m done! I can usually do this within 10 minutes.

W: Westman Atelier has become a cult-sensation ever since it launched with almost every product in your line being hailed as a ‘holy grail’. Do you have a favourite from your collection?

GW: That is such a hard question – I love them all! But I probably have to say that the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation is my favourite because I selfishly created it from my own skin wish list. 

In the last couple of years, I’ve had some rosacea flare-ups and I really wanted a product that would help me feel confident in my skin. It also had to be easy to apply and not feel like I was wearing tonnes of make-up. I also wanted to know that there wasn’t a whole list of chemical ingredients in it.

The Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation has so many skin care ingredients included that have efficacy levels, which means that the product actively works on soothing and calming your skin throughout the day. It’s a true skincare formulation and an anti-redness correctional product. I love that it can function as a concealer and a foundation and you can use it to spot-treat an area or apply it all over. 

I wanted to be able to reapply it without having to take all my make-up off and start again, so the Vital Skin Foundation has a really nice luminous finish whilst still being buildable. I absolutely love it.