4 tips to avoid a holiday blow out

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You know the drill… you book your favourite Summer getaway, look at your Summer wardrobe and go into mild panic. Immediately a strict eating and fitness regime comes into play, only to undo all your good work on day one. Good news, it doesn’t have to be that way, we are here to help.

1. Beat the Bloat

Eating differently on holidays can lead to stomach bloating, the best advice is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated (it’s easy to forget when you’re busy on a sun lounger). No better way to stay hydrated than by than mixing with your Alkalising Formula containing 4 probiotics for optimal digestive function, which means less bloating and a flatter tummy! 

2. Find time to sweat

Sweating is a great natural way to detox the body and to kick start your metabolism. So if you’re indulging, the best way to balance this out is by going for a jog along the beach, couple of laps in the hotel pool, take a surfing lesson, go on a trial ride, or a hike in the mountains. Make it fun!

3. Banish Jetlag

Start your holiday right with Elle’s secret jet lag remedy. It’s a double dose ofTHE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula, one pre and post flight, just mix with filtered water – you’re providing your body with the essential nutrients and hydration for easy adjustment to whatever tropical time zone you are in.

4. Relax, but don’t binge

Indulging is important but making healthy swaps means less of your hard work will be undone by the time you go home.

  • Kick-start your trip by packing a healthy, filling meal or snack for the plane ride. 
  • Don't skip breakfast - it's important to fuel your body for the day ahead. If you're not hungry, opt for one scoop of SUPER ELIXIR Nourishing Protein with almond milk or water.
  • Alcohol can add to your waistline and sap your energy! Go for a mojito instead - a blend of rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime juice, and club soda. Ask the bartender to cut back on the sugar by a third and add a few extra splashes of club soda to lower the calorie count.
  • If you plan to be out all day, bring along your own healthy snacks to starve off hunger.


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