Tried & Tested: Elle Macpherson's Four Week Body Reboot

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Tried & Tested: Elle Macpherson's Four Week Body Reboot

Toni Jones from lifestyle blog Detox Retox takes on Elle's four week body reboot.

"This month I have been busy trying to look like Elle Macpherson. 

It's easier than you think. But it isn't cheap.

I've been road testing Elle's WelleCo superfood and protein powders as part of the Four Week Body Reboot that the supermodel has devised with her partner, nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher.

Elle's SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens supplement powder has been around for a while: a combination of 45 vitamins and minerals including alkalising super greens, Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes designed to 'boost vitality and wellness'.

Taking the powder daily is supposed to reduce stress, fatigue and premature ageing and it comes in a super stylish UV-resistant caddy which keeps nutrients intact, looks better than most of my perfume bottles and could explain the hefty price tag.

Newer to the health guru's wellness range is the SUPER ELIXIR Nourishing Protein, an organic protein powder made with sprouted brown rice, pea protein and Peruvian cacao. It 's vegan but contains all nine essential amino acids like those found in red meat, eggs, chicken and fish.

And here's where I'm supposed to show you pictures of me looking like an Amazonian Australian, or at least a bit skinnier than before. But TBH I don't actually look or weigh much different than when I started. I'm a bit less bloated around the belly but as I'm generally pretty careful with what I eat anyway there hasn't been any major improvement in my body shape.

There has, however, been a MASSIVE boost in my energy and general feel-good levels, my eyes are brighter, I feel more chilled, and my skin is softer and clearer."

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