#StrongWomen - Linda Jefferyes

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#StrongWomen - Linda Jefferyes



Tell us a little about how you became a make up artist?
When I was much younger I had been doing  bits and pieces of modelling so I was around that world and was comfortable with those people. I was always interested in what was happening behind the camera and after coming back from London my modelling agent in Aus, Liz Carberry asked me what I wanted to do now and I said, "Be a Make-up Artist", so I got a make-up kit together and she sent me out on a job. Hilarious. 

What has been your biggest success?
It's hard to name one thing, so I'm going to say that my biggest success is that I'm still here, still realivent, still learning and most importantly still loving what I am doing. If anything I'm loving my job more and more, yes that's my biggest success.

How does a typical day look for you?
I'm up early even if I'm not having to be on set, my day starts early. The days I'm not working its barre class at 6am for an hour then to home to have a fun day with my three year son Jimi. Well really I'm also trying to fit in what I need to do for the next shoot that I'm on. Research, getting what I need ready etc etc. Children are a great excuse to stop working and get out doors, so I make sure that we spend time doing just that. The days that I'm working, I leave the housing saying by to my family, "I'm off to the disco now so see you when the music stops", I say that because being on shots is like being at a disco with out the drinks. Music, lots of great creative people, all with different energies. It's high energy and fun. 

Tell us about a career highlight?
A career highlight would have to be the time I went to Bhutan for Australian Vogue. I've been on lots of different trips but that was one I'd never forget.  We saw things and went to places that you wouldn't normally get to see. 



What do you do to unwind?
Yoga and the beach. I love just to put my feet in the sand and breath in that salty air. When I do all the stress washes away.

Whats your tip for achieving a  good balance with work/life/family?
Saying no to something's and trusting that it's ok. 

What are 3 foods cant live without?
Vegetables, eggs and chocolate. A life without chocolate, that's not living.

I imagine you must travel with your work, what do you to stay healthy when you are away from home?
It's so hard to stay healthy when traveling. If I can do a little exercise, walk yoga etc while away that really helps. I've started taking my SUPER ELIXIR green powder with me and that gives me a really good start to the day plus it puts me in the mind set that I'm doing something good for myself and that keeps me on track. 

What would you like to do more of?
Apart from having more time with my family, I'd like to have more time to do creative projects that would push me beyond my limits, which really is just about more time.


Linda @lindajefferyesmakeup lives in Coogee on Sydney’s northern beaches with her partner Rob and 2 year old son Jimi. 

She works for leading fashion publications including Australian Vogue and works on major advertising campaigns for Country Road, Zimmerman, Ellery, just to name a few.  Linda is represented by The Artist Group in Australia.