#StrongWomen - Tammy Fender

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#StrongWomen - Tammy Fender

Working as a holistic practitioner, Tammy Fender began creating custom-blended skin care designed to specifically address her clients’ concerns. Using her knowledge of creating a healthy, balanced holistic lifestyle, along with her passion to share this knowledge, the Tammy Fender brand was born. Tammy chats to us about building her brand, achieving holistic balance and the power of ancient medicinal remedies.

Your products are amazing, can you tell us how you came to start your own skin care business?

When I started working as a holistic practitioner more than 25 years ago, there simply weren’t any natural skin care products out there that combined rigorous purity with luxury. I created a custom-blended range of 100% botanical products designed to address specific client concerns, and, thanks to their success, word spread—and spread. Even today, though everyone is so well informed about diet choices, the necessity of sleep, mindfulness and exercise, the beauty industry is still catching up.

What do you feel has been your biggest professional achievement?

Whether in the treatment room at my spa, or working hands-on in the apothecary, whenever I can transmit to clients the incredible healing and Pure Living Energy held by the plant kingdom, that feels like an huge achievement. The power in these ancient medicinal remedies is utterly magnificent—and I love to share that in any way I can.

What motivates you?

I’m moved by the awesome beauty of nature and the ways in which I can bring my clients into closer harmony with the natural world. 

What does strength mean to you?

Commitment. In order to achieve holistic balance, we need to love ourselves enough to follow through with our intentions. It’s not easy! That said, almost every day I’m reminded of the beauty in our intrinsic human strength—our resilience.

How does a typical day look?

My very early morning, beginning at 4am or 5am, is devoted to an hour of prayer and meditation, as is my last hour of the day, before sleep. Prepare Savanna and Quinn for school, and drop off Savanna, talking and singing all the way. I incorporate dance into my schedule three times weekly and make room for yoga and a little stretching. My work begins each day with seeing clients in the treatment room, developing new products in the apothecary and focusing on every aspect of the company’s operations. Like everyone else, I spend a lot of time responding to emails! But making time to have dinner with my family every night is very important to me, and then I’m off to read and research - my private passion.

What do you do to unwind?

Dance—for me, movement unlocks an energy that I can tap into with everything else that I do.

What are 3 foods you can't live without?

I’m a true believer in the benefits of juicing, and prepare my own organic apple-lemon-ginger-cinnamon juice and organic green juices. I swoon for really good dark chocolate and adore vegetarian Indian cuisine. For me, whatever is growing in my garden is a staple for my meals. 

What would you like to do more of?

Travel—the wonder of seeing the world from a new perspective is invaluable to me. I’m also doing more gardening at my home, planting all sorts of vegetables in our kitchen garden with my daughter.

What does wellness mean to you?

Holistic health considers the wellbeing of the person as a whole, and on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual. For me, healing and balance are something that shine from the inside—it’s the beauty of that unmistakable healthy, happy glow. 

Can you tell me 3 women who you admire?

I admire women who stay true to themselves, who live passionately and who have the drive to follow their own paths. One woman who stands out for me is Snatam Kaur—I admire her never-ending devotion to God/Oneness and her beautiful expression of this devotion, which shines through in her music and her lifestyle. I’m currently on day 34 of her 40-day global sadhana (meditation of the soul). Another woman I admire is my mother, for her pure love and for her way of honoring simplicity throughout her life.