Elle Macpherson's Super Elixir is a game changer. We've tested out Elle Macpherson's The Super Elixir greens powder by WelleCo and it really makes a difference to energy, clear skin and wellness.
- Review

“So chuffed with my new @superelixir it is hands down the best product for wellbeing that I've ever discovered”
- Daisy Lowe, London

"I have been a flight Attendant for now 18 years which means 18 years of shift work, missing out on years of sleep and suffering jet lag. I decided to give Elle's Super Elixir a go having bought it at Selfridges in London. At first I bought it thinking it would help improve my skin and general health considering the lifestyle I live. After two weeks of taking the product I had one particular flight which was very demanding where everyone else had lost their patience...except me, I felt great, I put it down to just having a good day. I then noticed that every flight there after was a great flight, my patience and stamina with demanding customers has improved tremendously, I don't feel robbed of energy now with the lack of sleep. I must say that I feel great at the moment and have had many comments from collegues on how great and fit I look. So thank you Elle for sharing your secret, your product has really changed my life for the better."
- Cecile, Flight Attendant Germany, August 2014

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